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To Create Exceptional Technicians  


• Address: 13 Fifth Street, San Juan, Trinidad &Tobago            

• Tel. (868) 674-3670

• Fax: 675-9972

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The Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry Association (ARIA) has been in existence since 1998, incorporated on January 26, 1999 and launched on February 14, 1999 under the patronage of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), The United Nations (UN), guidance of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. 


Mission Statement: 


"To Promote Professionalism, Integrity And Environmental Awareness In The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry".  


Our objectives are:

  • To bring respect to the profession by uplifting its standards through regulatory means whilst preserving and protecting the environment in which we live.

  • To provide technical assistance to the community and industry

  • To provide a forum where grievance matters can be lodged and dealt with.

ARIA is a non- profit making association operated and funded by member companies using a yearly membership fee.  The management of the affairs of the Association is vested in a Board of Directors comprising 10 elected members. The President, Vice President and Secretary/ Treasurer and Directors.  Formed out of the Association in 2006 was ATI (Aria Technical Institute).  The School Principal/ Chairman is an ex officio member of the Council.  The members of the Council are the directors of the Association.


What are your main programme areas and activities? Who are the beneficiaries?


General Objectives:- 

  1. To develop, in the school community, concern and respect for the welfare of others, with specific reference to interpersonal relationships based on sensitivity, tolerance and good will.

  2. To promote the display of initiative and the exercise of individual.

  3. To encourage positive attitudes to the demands of a changing society while upholding a belief in basic values and standards.

  4. To encourage the highest academic standards and to ensure that the students of the school remain competitive in the changing environment practices. 

Curriculum Objectives:

  1. To stimulate intellectual curiosity and develop students' interest in learning.

  2. To encourage clear thinking and informed decision-making.

  3. To develop students' ability to tackle a problem and to fully sustain an argument.

  4. To develop a curriculum which is flexible, relevant and meaningful to the students at different ages and stages.

  5. To recognize and encourage students to be technically verse in their respective fields

  6. The Training Programme, was developed using an established international training course from Refrigeration Service Engineer Society (RSES) of the USA.

  7. Theory, which contains lecturers and guest lectures from industry stalwarts.

  8. Review tests, which are conducted after every ten sessions to ensure that students are learning and to monitor progress.

  9. Practical lab training and actual site visits for hands on tuition.

  10. Seminar on ozone friendly gases to occupants of the home.

The schools programme is structured in such a manner that we cater for person who have not finished their schooling to be able to take our assessment, upon taking their assessment and passing our requirements they will be accepted into our 3 years’ program which entails of Levels 1 ,2 and 3. Each year they will be awarded with a Certificate at the end of each course. 

Why and when was the ATI created?

The ARIA Technical Institute Limited (ATI) was incorporated on December 04 2006 and was born out of the need for properly trained technicians, of which there were only small numbers in our country. This was realized by the Board of Directors of the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry Association (ARIA) whose members are stakeholders of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry. The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Programme currently conducted at ATI, had its start under the umbrella of the ARIA ITO until its incorporation.



Accreditations and Professional Affiliations

  • The Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT) Registered Post-Secondary and Tertiary Institute

  • Refrigeration Service Engineer Society (RSES) of USA Corporate Member 

  • National Training Agency (NTA) of Trinidad and Tobago Approved Training Center –Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


Quality Policy Statement

ARIA Technical Institute is committed to all of our stakeholders to create exceptional technicians through continuous improvement and an effective quality management system. We strive to provide students with high quality training and a level of education and professionalism that benefits the Air Condition and Refrigeration Industry in Trinidad and Tobago and its dependents and customers.


Our main objective is to improve student satisfaction and improve services, through continuous assessments, which are continuously reviewed at specific periods.


ATI ensures that our physical resources are appropriate and adequate to facilitate training, teaching and learning, as we seek to achieve our quality policy.    

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