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Project Management Institute Southern Caribbean Chapter (PMI  SCC)


Our Vision

 To be "a high profile, well respected, professional and sought after institution in the region for project managers and the practice of project management."


Our Mission

 To "operate as the authoritative body for Project Management professionals that fully caters to the needs of its members as they actively promote and practice the discipline of project management. "


Goals & Objectives

  1. Become the knowledge authority on Project Management in Trinidad and Tobago and the Southern Caribbean.

  2. Promote and institutionalize Project Management in Trinidad and Tobago and the Southern Caribbean. Through:

    • Advancement of the Project Management discipline

    • Establishing the use of common Project Management jargon in all fields and sectors of the economy

  3. Encourage greater eagerness to belong to this professional body through an improved image for PMI SCC

  4. Foster common knowledge of Project Management as a discipline and as a career option.

  5. Become a body that could assist and/or have input into National and Regional Programmes and Projects both public and private sector.



PMI SCC partners with the private and public sector and professional groups and organizations to effective fulfillment of its mission, vision goals and objectives.



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