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Squeeky Wheels

You know the old adage ‘the Squeaky Wheel gets the oil’?  Well Squeaky Wheels is a disability advocacy program designed to enhance your life by bringing you awareness on every day disability issues and providing possible solutions with the hope of effecting change. It’s about narrowing the huge gap that exists in opportunities available to average citizens and that of our counterparts with disabilities all in a TT context.


Where? SQUEAKY WHEELS finds fun and interactive ways to get the serious message across, using Blogs; You tube videos, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, and the good old new paper articles to get the word out.  We even have ‘Popups’ intended to highlight unacceptable practices and ‘Bigups’ that say ‘yeah!’ when things are done correctly. Your feedback is welcome as together we delve into this seemingly unexplored world of disability in TT.
Who? SQUEAKY WHEELS is a product of disability self-advocates Sharda Ramlakhan and draws upon her life experiences as a person with a disability. Over the next year she opens up and shares her funny, shocking, sobering, life changing experiences that have given meaning and purpose to her life and value to the disability community in TT.

When?  Look out for SQUEAKY WHEELS posts weekly in you inbox. Every week for the next year you will be treated to insights into the unique experiences and worldview of the PwD community bringing to your awareness both problems, solutions and ways you can effect change!  


Why? Einstein once said..... ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change’.  SQUEAKY WHEELS will focus on these misconceptions and give logic and reason to disability issues offering you a look at disability issues from different lens. It hopes to explain and have you better understand what all the fuss is about.

What? Look out for thought provoking insights that will help you add value to your life and develop an appreciation for an inclusive society. Through SQUEAKY WHEELS articles, videos, cartoons, pics we will bring awareness. 

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