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Trinidad and Tobago Green Building Council (TTGBC)

  • Address:  HQ002 Fernandes Business Centre,
    Eastern Main Road, Laventille

  • Telephone: (868) 723-7198; 488-0987

  • Email:

  • Website:

TTGBC is a body of multidisciplinary building professionals committed to achieving sustainable building in Trinidad and Tobago. 


Our Mission

From our incorporation documents, we remain dedicated to the fostering of Green Building Practices in Trinidad and Tobago and including:

  1. Development of programs to educate professionals and the general public in Green Building practices.

  2. Cooperating with non-governmental agencies in the promoting of green building practices.

  3. Advising governmental agencies on Green Building practices.

  4. Representing professionals involved in Green Building practices.

  5. Developing Green Building best practices and standards.

  6. Contributing to the development of codes for Green Building practices.

  7. Any other activities which will fulfill the aims and objectives of the company.

Some of our other aims and objectives are:

  • To increase public awareness of Green Buildings.

  • To promote green culture amongst professional designers, operators and users.

  • To advise and promote green products availability.

  • To promote the use of green technology.

  • To educate and certify / approve individuals.

  • To create and promote interactions amongst Government, Utilities, Building owners and users.


Our Values

The TTGBC is dedicated to improving conditions for humanity and nature, honoring and enhancing the prospects for both through the creation of a built environment that is mutually beneficial.


We hereby acknowledge our allegiance to these essential values:

  • SUSTAINABILITY Respect the limits of natural systems and non-renewable resources by seeking solutions that produce an abundance of natural and social capital.

  • EQUITY Respect all communities and cultures and aspire to an equal socio-economic opportunity for all.

  • INCLUSIVENESS Practice and promote openness, broad participation and full consideration of consequence in all aspects of decision-making processes.

  • PROGRESS Strive for immediate and measurable indicators of environmental, social and economic prosperity.

  • CONNECTEDNESS Recognize the critical linkage between humanity and nature as well as the importance of place-based decision-making to effective stewardship.


Our Services

Services and benefits provided by TTGBC to our members are listed below.

Individual Members

  1. Facilitation of networking between persons who are interested or professional in the field of green building.

  2. Business referrals and access to Members Directory.

  3. Partnership opportunities with the primary advocate for green building in the country.

  4. Access to TTGBC certification programs and Use of Members Trademark.

  5. Opportunities for participation in committees, to promote green building awareness and to influence the stakeholders of the industry.

  6. Information on green technology, market data and products availability.

  7. Discounts on TTGBC activities/ program and other partner organisations.

  8. Preferential rates for training seminars and workshops.

  9. Opportunities for participation in the development of TTGBC with an opportunity to be elected as an executive member.

  10. Opportunities to represent, attend or make presentations at TTGBC meetings, or local and international forums.

  11. Opportunities for participation in the green building transformation and secure a sustainable future.

  12. Voting privileges at directors/ executive election.


Company Members

  1. Company representatives (quantity approved by the executive) can enjoy all of the above benefits in addition to the following.

  2. Preferred marketing opportunities available to member companies.

  3. Registration of Company in the TTGBC database as a member.

  4. Networking opportunities with other companies to facilitate collaboration and better influence on the development of the industry.

  5. Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities at TTGBC events.

  6. Voting privileges at directors/ executive election.


Our Team

The current TTGBC Executive team comprises industry leaders in design, manufacturing, construction, operations and maintenance, and project management, each bringing years of experience in their respective fields to the table. 

Executive Officers 2016-17


TTGBC is grateful to its Founding Members, Directors and Past Executive Members who worked diligently to raise the public profile of the organisation and its projects over the years since its inception.


Founding Members

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