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Caribbean Facility Management Forum 2020: This year, the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of IFMA has partnered with the Barbados Chapter of IFMA to bring you the Caribbean FM Forum - a panel discussion with Caribbean FM leaders.

The FM industry in the Caribbean, like the rest of the world, has been deeply impacted by the parallel levels of upheaval. What is particularly evident is that we are facing the impact of the upheavals in varying degrees almost in synchrony, with one upheaval having a ripple effect and causing an impact in other areas. Our collective and individual corporate strategy must have at its core - facility resilience.  A facility management strategy must ensure that we have the ability to recover and maintain our buoyancy, respond to the changing needs of our stakeholders all while sustaining the overall health of organizations now and in the future. 


The goal of this virtual interactive panel discussion is to not only lend our voices to identify and define the challenges being faced in the region but also share the solutions that we have implemented with our FM colleagues. Areas of focus will be public health, financial shocks, social unrest, and environmental/natural disasters. 

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