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Why Join IFMA?



The membership relationship with IFMA provides myriad offerings for learning, growth, community and professional success. Preview the value opportunities and join today to create your own IFMA story.

Membership Benefits

IFMA members gain instant credibility by using the IFMA brand and by becoming part of the world's largest community of facility management professionals. As the leader in the industry we want to put our research, resources and support in your hands!


The annual professional and associate membership fee is US$209. By connecting you with cutting-edge research, lifelong learning and opportunities for networking and community-building on the chapter and global level, IFMA gives you the tools you need to succeed in your FM career. To learn more about IFMA resources and to join our community of facility management professionals, browse the value of belonging resources below.


  • Local, global and industry-specific networking with a knowledgeable and supportive community of facility professionals. 

  • Opportunities to hone your skills, broaden your expertise and heighten your credibility in all FM-related areas. 

  • Opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally — earn recognition with an IFMA credential, get involved in association activities and contribute to the advancement of your profession. 

  • Keep up-to-date with developments in your field. 

  • Raise your professional profile as an FM dedicated to best-in-class facility management.


  • See a noticeable improvement in the efficiency and productivity of your facility and FM team.

  •  Identify facility strengths and weaknesses through benchmarking studies. 

  • Best workplace practices, sustainability how-to guides and relevant FM training at your facility professional’s fingertips. 

  • Heighten awareness of issues, trends and legislation affecting the workplace. 

  • Reduce liability risks through an informed FM staff. 

  • Reliable information on the latest product and service solutions to meet your diverse workplace needs.

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